Walk to Emmaus

If you’ve never been on a Walk to Emmaus, I strongly encourage you to participate in one of our upcoming events. Walk to Emmaus is many things. It is often billed as a weekend course in the basics of the Christian faith, I found it to be a celebration of God’s love. As a “mature Christian,” I didn’t think I needed a course in the fundamentals of the faith, but what I did need was the opportunity to experience God’s love in a way unlike anything I had ever experienced before. If you would like that experience for yourself, please contact me or any of our Emmaus pilgrims.  Upcoming dates are:

Men’s Walk, Thurs., Sept. 19 through Sun., Sept. 22

Women’s Walk, Thurs., Sept. 26 through Sun., Sept. 29

For teen ages 15-19, I also recommend a co-ed Chrysalis, Friday, Nov. 8 through Monday, Nov. 11 (Veterans Day weekend).

Pastor Dave  

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