MMDC Collection at Annual Conference

We are collecting the following items for the Midwest Mission Distribution Center to be delivered to Annual Conference in June. Please leave your donations in the tote at the front of the church. These “Tornado Tote” items contain the basic necessities for persons whose homes have been affected by tornados or floods.

  • $9 Donation for 2 Totes
  • 2 pairs of work gloves
  • 2 boxes of gallon-size plastic bags
  • 2 permanent markers (i.e. Sharpie)
  • 1 roll of duct tape (prefer colored) (to label household items)
  • 2 dust masks (no surgical)
  • 24 heavy duty trash bags rolled (33-45 gallon)
  • 24 clear trash bags (20-33 gallon) (for larger, personal items that need containment)

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