Thursday Worship

I’ve been concerned about our worship attendance over the past year as the passages of life continue to have an impact on our congregation. Some of our faithful members have passed away while others have moved away or gone to college. For others, sports or other important weekend activities have limited their ability to participate in Sunday worship.

In response, I have been conducting an abbreviated worship service on Thursday evenings at 6:30. This has been a shortened version of the previous Sunday service, concluding around 7 pm.

Church attendance typically dips in the summer, so I’m excited about the possibilities of what our Thursday worship can do for our church—and for your spiritual growth—during the summer.

So far, this has been a trial run, held during May and June. Attendance has averaged 15 and I’ve been very pleased with that average. If we can continue to maintain it, then regular Thursday worship at 6:30 pm will become a permanent part of our church schedule. Your attendance will determine the success of this worship opportunity.

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