Parking & Landscaping Project

Work has begun on the parking lot, retaining wall, sidewalk and landscaping on the east side of the MAC. Justin King is the contractor and his bid for the work was $60,965. He has already received a down payment of $5,000 thanks to three generous grants totaling $30,000 from the Wyman Coulter Trust. Additionally, we have raised another $10,300 thanks to your generous giving. That means we will need to raise another $20,665 by mid-summer in order to complete this phase of the project and pay our contractor.

Unlike some of the other work at the MAC, this is one which, once begun, cannot be stopped due to a lack of funds. We can withdraw proceeds from endowments, but doing so could make it difficult for us to meet our general fund budget in future years.

Once Justin King finishes his portion of the project, we will need to purchase asphalt millings and have them rolled out and the surface striped. Our trustees have not solicited a bid for this yet; this could cost as much as $10,000. However, once that’s done, our parking lot will be ready for use. It would be a shame to not have that done this year when we’re so close to completion.

Your giving to the Activity Center will help us to finish this job this year. Please remember that your giving to the MAC should be above and beyond your giving to the General Fund.