Mission of the Month – June

“Every child deserves a chance” is the motto for Chaddock of Quincy, one of our United Methodist ministries and our June Mission of the Month. The children, however, come to Chaddock from all over the United States because of the specialized care they provide.

We learned much about Chaddock over the past few years thanks to the ministry of Rev. Jeff Rasche who has previously been our guest preacher. Jeff serves as the Associate Director of Stewardship for Chaddock.

The demand for Chaddock’s services has grown so much that last year construction began on a new school. Visit www.chaddock.org and click on the yellow “Chaddock School Construction” icon and see the progress which is being made on the new facility.

Your June Mission of the Month offerings will be divided between Chaddock’s new school and its general operating expenses.