Quarter Auction

Come join us for our third annual Orion United Methodist Church Quarter Auction Saturday, October 6th at 7pm. 

What is a Quarter Auction?
A quarter auction is best described as a drawing and an auction rolled into one event.
Participants pay for a numbered paddle to use for bidding. ($3 for one paddle or $5 for 2 paddles)
Donated items are featured, one at a time, and interested bidders “bid” by paging the corresponding quarter amount; low value items will be a one quarter bid / high value items will be a 3 or 4 quarter bid.

The auctioneer will pull a numbered ball and if the person with that paddle number has bid on the item, they win that item.
Don’t forget to bring Your roll of quarters for bidding!

A pasta dinner will be served starting at 6 pm in the Methodist Activity Center. There will be baked goods available for a goodwill donation. All proceeds raised through the dinner, baked goods and the Quarter Auction will be directed towards OUMC outreach missions.

Questions can be directed to Betty Jo Versluis at 309.798.6225 ar versluis88@hotmail.com

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